1. When will application begin?

Application usually starts after previous edition. To enable the organizer to comply as closely as possible with your special stand requirements, you are advised to apply before the registration deadline.

Authorized signature and company stamp are required on the application form. Upon completion, please submit the form to the organizer and our office via fax (+852-2838 3183) or email (info@worldfair.com.hk).

2. When will stand allocation begin and how is it processed?

Stand allocation will begin after registration deadline.  You will be informed in writing of stand location and details.  Stand allocation will be carried out by the organizer according to your participation history, exhibit groups, stand type, stand size, availability etc.

Once stand location is assigned, an admission document with exhibitor login data and stand details will be sent to you.  Normally, you have to raise your objection, if any, to the organizer within fourteen days of receipt of the space allocation; otherwise, it is assumed that you are in agreement with the position offered.

If you exhibited in previous edition of the same fair, the organizer will reserve the same location to you provided that i) you register the fair before deadline; ii) the same halls are used; iii) if the classification of the halls by branch of industry has remained the same; iv) size and nature of your stand have remained unchanged.

3. Where can I find the participation fee?

Participation fees are stated in the application form and online application clearly.  The price of Raw Space include the cost of stand space (excluding stand construction), basic entry in the catalogue, in the Internet, in the visitor information system and in the special PDA database, as well as a certain number of free exhibitor passes.

As an official representative office of Messe Düsseldorf, we do not impose additional charge on the stated participation fee even if your application is submitted via our office.

4. What is AUMA Fee?

AUMA is the Association of the German Exhibition Industry and represents the interests of the exhibition industry at national and international level with respect to parliament, ministries, authorities and other organizations. An additional charge of EUR0.6 per square meter is levied as a contribution.

5. Is cancellation possible after submitting application form?

Applicants can be withdrawn up until admission. A “cancellation fee before admission”, plus sales tax, is payable. 

Following admission, the exhibitor shall not be entitled to rescind the contract nor to reduce the stand area.  The participation charges shall be payable in full together with any costs actually entailed.  Should Messe Düsseldorf make alternative use of unoccupied areas to improve the general appearance of the show, the exhibitor who reserved the space shall not be released from his financial obligations.

Should an exhibitor not take up his/her allocated stand space and Messe Düsseldorf is able to rent the space the space to another company (not by relocating another stand), the exhibitor shall be required to pay 25% (this percentage is subject to respective fair) of the participation fee or the withdrawal fee before admission, whichever is higher.

6. When will I receive invoice(s) and how many will I receive?

Following admission, you will receive an invoice for the stand rental from Messe Düsseldorf. This includes the stand space booked, the multi-media lump-sum and the AUMA charge (including turnover tax).

Approximately 1 to 3 months prior to the start of the exhibition, you will receive an advance payment invoice for the expected services (electrical, water, compressed air, parking passes and other services) of which you will make use.  A lump-sum amount will be charged for new exhibitors.  For old exhibitors, the costs of technical services from the previous event will be taken as a basis. 

“Compressed air" included in the advance payment invoice is just an example.  You will only be required to pay for compressed air or other technical services if you have ordered such.

If you order stand construction work via Messe Düsseldorf, you will receive a stand construction invoice for this work.

After the exhibition, you will receive a final invoice from Messe Düsseldorf.  It summarizes the actual costs of services ordered.  If the total amount exceeds your advance payment, then you are required to settle the outstanding upon receipt of invoice.  On the contrary, Messe Düsseldorf will make a refund to you if the advance payment exceeds the actual usage.

7. What is multi-media lump sum?

For most fairs in Düsseldorf, multi-media lump sum is part of the Terms and Conditions of Participation.  This sum includes the entry in fair catalogue and the use of electronic media e.g. fair portal and KATI visitor information system, to publish your company data, hyperlink, key profiles, product information, etc.  Potential buyers are able to obtain comprehensive information prior to exhibition visit.

Usually the presentation of exhibitors’ company profiles and products lasts till the next edition. 

Irrespective of your company size, each exhibitor is given the same presentation area in the fair portal.  Therefore, the cost of multi-media lump sum is the same for all exhibitors.

8. How can I login the fair website?

Following admission as an exhibitor, you will receive a sealed envelope from Messe Düsseldorf by post containing your personal access data. This includes Identification No., Order No., and Password.

When visiting the Online Order System (OOS) for the first time, you will be requested to complete your data and change the password to your own one for security reason.  As an exhibitor, you can make use of all services that we have provided within the scope of the exhibition.  

9. How to order exhibitor service(s)?

By accessing the Online Order System (OOS) with your login data (Identification No., Order No., Password), you are able to order technical, telecommunication, travel, logistics services.  A confirmation email or fax will be sent to you immediately after your order.

Or you can download and print the necessary form(s) from the fair website (under “Exhibitor Service”), and then submit by fax.  However, the suppliers may not confirm receipt by return.
10. How can I have an entry in the fair catalogue?

Through admission as an exhibitor, you are entitled to free basic entry of company information in the fair catalogue as well as in the electronic media, including the Internet, the KATI visitor information system at the fairground.

There will be separate Catalogue Entry Form / Internet Advertising Form which you are required to submit to the catalogue publishing company in order to enjoy this advertising service.

Each exhibitor will receive a free catalogue on the first day of the exhibition.